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About Us

A word or two about why I have decided to create this website.

I have said elsewhere on this website that table saws are relatively simple in their construction, and that’s true, for the most part. There are only a few parts: the motor, the blade, the table, the stand (optional), and accessories like the fence and miter gauge. What’s not so simple about saws is how all these basic parts and additional features determine the functionality and effectiveness of each table saw.

If you’ve ever looked around the tool section of a home improvement store, you know the types of table saws and all the available features can be staggering. There are so many ways table saws can be categorized that it just seems insane. That’s why I felt a website of this type needed to be created; so people like you and me who are interested in using a table saw for woodworking or home improvement projects can find all the information they need in one place. I think I have succeeded in that, but you will be the judge.

Starting with informational articles and ending with table saw reviews, this website is your guide to all things related to table saws. Once you have made your way through it, you should have answers to most of your questions concerning table saws and should have no trouble buying a table saw for yourself. Good luck.