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Bosch GTS1031 Steel-Base Jobsite Table Saw Review
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Bosch GTS1031 Steel-Base Jobsite Table Saw Review

It’s True. Your Table Saw Can Be Compact and Still Pack Plenty of Power
Bosch GTS1031

I’ve already mentioned that Bosch, along with DEWALT make some of the best table saws you can currently buy, which is why I have decided to review another of their models. The Bosch GTS1031 when compared to the popular 4100-09 unit (which I have also reviewed on my website) is a lot smaller because it was designed with maximum portability in mind.

But, great portability usually means the manufacturer had to sacrifice some of the other specs in order to achieve this. Since Bosch never disappoint with their products, let’s see how they have circumvented that problem.

Basic Specifications

One Hand Portability

One Hand Portability

The GTS1031 is compact and relatively light, and if you can handle its weight of 52lbs you can carry this saw using one hand.

Because of the size and weight, I expected it to be less powerful. However, at the core of this little unit is a powerful 15-amp motor which means you can rely on it 100% even when ripping hardwoods. It’s designed to cut as deep as 3-1/8″ at a right angle while still being able to cut as deep as 2-1/4″ at a 45-degree angle.

The whole unit is built around an all-steel base which makes more durable. Most power tools experience some heavy duty “banging” in the workplace, so it’s comforting to know this little guy can handle it.

Just like the 4100-09 this one also has a Squarelock rip fence, which moves along the channels located on both ends of the saw. This means you don’t need to adjust it, and it will deliver a smooth and consistent cut every single time.

Like all top models, the device has onboard storage which I find very handy. Table saws need plenty of attachments, and without the storage space under the saw the chances are they’ll just end up all over your workshop (at least they would in mine). With onboard storage you can safely put away just about anything including the rip fence.

Rip Capacity and Rip Fence

Seeing as this is a portable saw its rip capacity is 18 inches which makes it suitable for medium large sheets of material like plywood, hardwoods, flooring, lumber, shelving, and plenty of other applications. One of the reasons it can cut through all of this is its powerful engine which has a no load speed of 5000 RPM.

fence lever

Easy to Operate Rip Fence

The rip fence is designed by Bosch (happy sighs all round), and is capable of keeping the ideal square alignment with almost no adjustment necessary. When adjusting the fence all you need to do is lift the lever and put the fence in the desired position, then lock the lever down. That’s all it takes.

I have noticed that some users complain about the lever being too stiff to operate. You can loosen it up, but I would advise you avoid doing so because you may wind up with a less than perfect alignment of the fence which is a far worse problem than lever stiffness.

Safety Features

All of the safety features on the table saw are modular which means you can easily attach or detach them depending on your needs. There is of course, the riving knife! You may already know this, but for those that don’t a riving knife is there to prevent kickback.

This occurs when material gets stuck between the blade and the fence or table, and then gets ejected back at high speed. The speed is high enough to cause serious injury to the operator, but a riving knife separates the material after it has been cut completely eliminating the chance of kickback.

Another safety feature that does more of the same, but in a different way, is the anti-kickback pawls which allow the wood to slide in one direction only: forward. Since all the safety features are modular, the pawls attach to the riving knife without much hassle.

Bosch Smart Guard system

Safe Blade Guard and Anti-Kickback Pawls

Another piece of equipment you can also attach to the riving knife is the blade guard. The blade guard on this unit prevents you from coming into contact with the sharp blade, yet you get maximum visibility at all times.

Additional Features

I know keeping a clean work surface is definitely one of the harder aspects of wood fabrication since there is always plenty of dust. Luckily, this table saw is equipped with a 2″ dust collection port. It doesn’t come with a vacuum, but will attach to the one in your workshop.

Among the stuff that does come with the saw are wrenches and a push stick as well as a miter gauge, and rip fence.

In Summary

For me, this table saw doesn’t disappoint. If you don’t need a large, heavy-duty table saw but rather something you can easily use, you should look no further than this particular unit. It’s compact and durable thanks to an all-steel construction, yet it packs plenty of power.

I especially like the rip fence which is a breeze to adjust, and the safety features which are highly modular. If you’ve had enough of my praises and really want to buy this portable table saw, I suggest you visit Amazon which is my favorite online retailer due to the service and great discounts they offer.