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DEWALT DW744XRS & DW744X Table Saw Review-In-One
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DEWALT DW744XRS & DW744X Table Saw Review-In-One

Powerful and Portable at the Same Time, Especially the DW744XRS

I’ve already written volumes on my website about DEWALT and their table saws, and for those of you who liked the reviews I have some good news. I’ve decided to take a look at one of their most popular models which is the first choice for many contractors who are looking for portability, but aren’t willing to sacrifice on power.

I am talking about the DEWALT DW744XRS and the DEWALT DW744X, which is pretty much the same unit only without a rolling stand. Both table saws are considered high-performance, high-quality tools capable of cutting through pretty much anything, yet are relatively easy to transport form one location to another.

Must Know Specifications

Both table saws are built around a 15-amp motor which churns out plenty of power for all tasks and I do mean, ALL tasks. This is a high-performance table saw that excels at cutting through hardwood and even pressure-treated lumber. This means it will cut through plywood or pine like a hot knife through butter.

The no-load speed of the blade is 3,650 RPM, and that speed is constant at all times because the DW744X/DW744XRS has an electronic feedback system that takes care of all that. Furthermore, in order to keep the whole system as accurate and stable as possible the motor is fitted to the saw in such a manner it significantly cuts down on vibrations.

DW744XRS transport

The DW744XRS is the Beter Job Site Table Saw, Because of the Wheels and Sturdier Stand

All of this goes for both models, but the DW744XRS comes with the added bonus in the shape of a rolling stand which will really come in handy when transporting it from one jobsite to another. The stand is fabricated out of heavy-duty aluminum pipes, and the wheels are suitable for uneven terrain. The weight of the stand is 33lbs while the entire units weigh a little over 100lbs. Not exactly something you can pick up and carry, but thanks to the built-in handle you can pull it around with relative ease. If you need this table on the job site and plan to move it a lot, I think the extra $100 or so (compared to the DW744X) will pay for itself in time.

Both table saws come with a 10-inch, 24-tooth blade made out of carbide which is basically the manufacturer’s way of saying their table saw can cut through pretty much anything as if it was Swiss cheese. You also get a miter gauge and a push stick.

Stay Safe!

I expected to see some built-in safety features on the 744XRS since it is a top of the line model, and it didn’t disappoint. Both table saws come with the manufacturer’s Site-Pro Modular Guarding System. Behind the moniker is a system that allows you to make all necessary adjustments without any tools. Switching between different applications is no longer a drag as you can set the saw up in seconds. The unit also comes with onboard storage so you can put away stuff like spare blades, push stick and miter gauge.

Rip Fence and Rip Capacity

DW744X fence

Both Models Come with the Telescopic Fence Shown Above (Here on the DW744X)

Both models have a maximum rip capacity of 24 1/2 inches which is great because it allows you to work with full-sized sheets of material. Thanks to the rack and pinion fence you can make all the necessary adjustments in no time, but you sometimes have to realign to keep it exactly parallel to the blade.

Once you are done ripping large pieces of material you can retract the telescopic fence in order to transport the unit, or to make more room in your workshop. As far as depth of cut is concerned the 744XRS can cut up to 3 1/8 inches at a 90-degree angle, as well as 2 1/4 inches at a 45-degree angle. The surface of the saw table measures at 26 1/2 x 19 1/4 inches which should prove to be enough for nearly all applications.

Both units support dado blades, and can make precise dado cuts up to 13/16 inches in width.

My Conclusion

Both are outstanding table saws with some great specs and capabilities. Personally, I would choose the 744XRS because it comes with a stable, all-aluminum stand as well as transport wheels making it easy to move around. But, if portability is not something you are going to need in the future, consider the other model because above the stand it is exactly the same, for less money.

One of the pros on both of these is the large rip capacity and the powerful engine that makes full use of that 10-inch carbide blade. There is a reason why these are DEWALT’s most popular models, they are simply brilliant! You can find the DW744X and DW744XRS the on Amazon at a great price.