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Makita 2705 and Makita 2705X1 Table Saw Review-In-One
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Makita 2705 and Makita 2705X1 Table Saw Review-In-One

Two Table Saws with First-Class Electric Brake and Excellent Modular Safety Features
Makita 2705

I believe Makita need no introduction. They are one of the most reputable power tool companies, and their table saws are among the best you can buy. For this reason I decided to take a look at their top-of-the-line models, the Makita 2705 and the Makita 2705X1 table saw.

They’re the same except for the fact the 2705X1 comes with a stand while the 2705 does not. As far as recommending which one you should go with? That will depend largely on whether or not you value portability.

What You Need to Know First

I have to point out that both models are designed for professional contractors, although this doesn’t mean you should avoid buying them if you aren’t one. The professional aspect is mirrored in the 2705’s large rip capacity, superb build quality, and a bunch of features you simply won’t find on other table saws.

You will also find the 2705 has telescopic fence rails. However the table is pretty large, measuring a little over 24 x 22 inches. Once extended, the rails provide you with a critical 25-inch rip capacity which means you can pretty much do any kind of fabrication including 4 x 8 feet sheets of material.

Portable Makita 2705X1

Stand with Handy Transport Wheels for the 2705X1

Now if you plan on moving the table saw from one location to another, I would suggest you go with the X1 because of its spring loaded stand and comparatively light weight of 115lbs. When attached to the stand this table saw is easy to move around thanks to its transport wheels. As I’ve mentioned the 05 comes without a stand but costs less money, so if portability is not something you really need you are better off saving a few bucks by choosing this version.

When it comes to sheer power both units are monsters, featuring the same 15-amp motor (4,800 RPM) which is among the most powerful in its class. Another feature I was pleasantly surprised to see on these saws was the electric brake which goes to show how Makita pay attention to every single feature when it comes to the design of their power tools.

With that kind of power provided by the engine you can cut as deep as 3-5/8 inches at a 90-degree angle, or 2-1/2 inches at a 45-degree angle. The blade that comes with this unit measures 10 inches in diameter. Also, this table saw can use as much as a 6 x 13/16″ dado, which is something many competing table saws can’t say.

Electric Brake

You can never have too many safety features as far as table saws are concerned, which is why I am thoroughly impressed to see the manufacturer has included an electric brake on the 2705 model. Just imagine if you were to lose control of the material you are cutting, and you need to stop the blade NOW.

Shutting down the saw without an electric brake takes a bit of time during which the blade can do plenty of damage. With the help of the brake you can stop the whole system in mere milliseconds. I like that the switch is very large which means you can operate it while wearing gloves. In fact, you can even press it with your elbow or knees in case you have your hands full. This feature is a huge plus in my opinion especially where safety is concerned.

Ease of Use

Most top-of-the-line table saws have modular attachments and safety features than can be mounted without the use of any tools. Fortunately, both of these models have a three-piece modular safety system including a riving knife, anti-kickback pawls and a blade guard. The riving knife can be set into one of three positions depending on the type of cut. The supported cuts are: through, non-through, and dado cuts. You can also change between riving knives with ease depending on the thickness of the blade.

Telescoping Table

Makita 2705 Telescoping Table

The Telescopic Table

Another huge plus is the presence of a telescopic extension, which extends to the right of the blade. With the extension in place it has a 25-inch rip capacity.

Why is this so important that I felt the need to mention it twice already? Full-size sheets of plywood or any other material are 24 inches in width. This means you can manipulate full-sized sheets which is something professional contractors welcome with open arms.


Both of these table saws are stunning pieces of equipment and are an excellent way to spend your money if you are looking for a high-performance contractor table saw. The housing is a little fragile but everything else is superb especially when it comes to power.

As far as safety features are concerned this saw adopts the modular approach which means you will have no problem attaching or changing the riving knife, blade guard, or anti-kickback pawls. For me though, the center piece of the 2705 is the electric brake which is a feature rarely found on table saws. I would heartily recommend these units, and suggest you look for the 2705 if you don’t need the stand, or go with the 2705X1 if you do need it.