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Metabo C10RJS HPT
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Metabo C10RJS HPT

Jobsite Table Saw Review
Metabo C10RJS

Everyone has heard of the Metabo brand, and the C10RJS table saw is an excellent example of the quality products associated with this brand. Its powerful 15 amp motor pumps out 4500 RPM while the high quality accessories and construction make this a great choice for any amateur enthusiast or woodworking professional looking for great portability and function.

Key Features

  • 15 amp soft start motor with electric brake
  • Operates at 4500 RPM
  • Overload sensor protects the motor from accidental damage
  • 40 tooth carbide tip blade for cutting softwoods and hardwoods alike
  • Dado capabilities
  • Extending table top for greater flexibility
  • High quality miter gauge
  • Fold/roll stand
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Integrated dust port

High Quality Motor

This powerful table saw has a 15 amp direct drive motor with an electric brake and soft start function. Pumping out an impressive 4500 RPM, it is even equipped with an overload sensor to protect the motor from accidental damage as well as an extra-large power switch with a safety cover that protects you from harm during use.

It’s clear that this model has been designed with the needs of contractors and professionals in mind as well as the requirements of amateur DIY woodworkers. This makes it a versatile choice for any user.

The Table And Blade

The blade supplied with this model is a carbide tipped 40 tooth model meaning that it’s more than capable of ripping through hardwoods with ease, producing a cleaner finish. There’s also a dado capacity of 8 x 13/16” which gives you even more flexibility of use. When it comes to the table, larger pieces are well supported. The table top is 28-2/4” x 22” but extends to an extra-wide rip capacity of 35” thanks to the rotating fence and rack and pinion system.

Even better, there’s also a 28-3/4” x 2” outfeed extension. While many other table saws come with a poor quality miter gauge, this model is a much better one, with its 5 convenient detents on each side and a bevel range of up to 45 degrees for a cut depth that ranges between 3 1/8” to 2 ¼”.

Fold/Roll Stand

The standout feature of this table saw has to be its fold/roll stand. Forming the saw’s bones, it has onboard accessory storage while also housing the legs and allowing the table saw to turn into a cart which can then be rolled upright on 8” rubber all-terrain wheels.

Unlike many other models which are marketed as portable but then are very large and heavy to carry between jobsites, the Metabo table saw’s fold/roll stand makes it a breeze to move the tool. The stand also stabilizes the saw in an upright position for convenient storage, saving you space in your workshop or garage in between uses.

This all means that this saw is very portable and easy to move around between different jobsites, making it a good choice for contractors on the go. It may not be a lightweight saw, weighing as much as 96lbs, however with its clever design, it’s just a one man job to pack up this saw and roll it to a truck. This model has been designed with plenty of convenient onboard storage too, so you can keep the blade wrenches, push stick, miter gauge and cord wrap all securely in the frame so that you won’t accidentally lose anything while moving your tools from A to B.

Safety Features

Metabo has really thought about user safety thoroughly before designing this table saw and you can really tell. The blade brake which has been incorporated into the design isn’t just a brilliant safety feature, it’s also very convenient since you don’t have to wait for the blade to come to a complete stop before you move your material for the next cut.

Spinning blades aren’t just dangerous, they can also cause kickback which can damage your work. Therefore, the blade brake is a fantastic addition. Add the anti-kickback pawls and riving knife into the mix and you’ll be very safe while working with this saw.

Also, thanks to the soft start function, you’ll be safer when starting up this machine as it protects from recoil during the start up procedure.


  • Powerful 4500 RPM direct drive 15 amp motor
  • Soft start function for less recoil and noise during start up
  • Electric brake for better safety and convenience
  • Excellent portability thanks to the fold/roll stand
  • 40 tooth 10” carbide tip blade included
  • Bevel range up to 45 degrees for depth of cuts from 3 1/8” to 2 ¼”
  • Large table top with extension and outfeed support
  • Onboard tool storage
  • Dado capacity of 8 x 13/16”
  • Integrated overload protection and outstanding safety features
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty


  • More expensive than its rivals

Bottom Line

Do you need a solid and reliable yet portable table saw from a well known and reputable brand? This model from Metabo ticks all your boxes. Made from high quality materials, offering a superior level of performance and surprisingly easy to store and transport, it’s the perfect choice for contractors on the jobsite, producing impressive and accurate cutting results.