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Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw Review
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Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw Review

Finally A Table Saw For The Feature “Nuts” Out There!
Rockwell RK7241S

You might have noticed one thing when you’re looking at table saws online and that’s the fact you often need to sacrifice certain specs. For example, if you want a powerful table saw that can cut pressure-treated lumber you can get one but it will be big and heavy, and once you put it in your workshop that’s where it stays.

If portability is what you are looking for there is even more choice. But portable table saws are often less powerful than their cabinet cousins, so you might have to limit yourself to ripping plywood or softer woods like pine.

Fortunately I have come across a table saw that doesn’t sacrifice on power, and throws in a little laser precision as a bonus. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. The table saw in question employs laser technology to make cutting more accurate. I am talking about the Rockwell RK7241S.

Apart from laser technology this table saw has a whole array of useful features which are there to ensure smooth, consistent cuts. Before I get on with the review, I will say this table saws is capable of making far deeper cuts than any of the saws in its class. So, if it’s precision and portability you’re after read on!

Starting with the Specs

In charge of providing the power is the 15-amp motor which is very common on units of this type. However, this one spins at a no-load speed of 4,800 RPM which throws “dust” in the eyes of the competition.
You can count on doing some serious cutting with this table saw including hardwood and pressure-treated lumber. Needless to say, softer materials like plywood are ripped with ease. In order to support the incoming lumber the out feed support works brilliantly, and catches wood without the need for rollers, saw horses, or additional tables.

The cutting capacity is up to 4 times greater than other models in this range, and it has a 10-inch blade. The rip capacity is an astonishing 30 inches with the fold out fence fully extended (to the right of the blade). You also get 11 inches of capacity to the left of the blade.

You can cut large sheets of material with this bad boy, it can even rip through a 4×4 piece of lumber. I’ve already mentioned this table saw has the deepest cutting depth by far: 3-9/16 inches at a right angle, and 2-9/16 inches at a 45-degree angle. The unit also supports dado blade sets which are 6 inches in diameter. The maximum the table can handle is 7/16 inch wide cuts.

Be Precise – or Not?

The table saw offers yet unmatched precision with each cut thanks to Rockwell’s very own LaserGuide technology. The principle behind it is simple. The true cut line indicator makes sure the cutting is done with maximum precision. The line of the laser automatically adjusts to the arrangement of the blades which is a great idea if you want to make bevel cuts.

That said, the saw seriously lacks precision in other areas. While it’s not uncommon in table saws that the fence isn’t perfectly lined up with the blade, it IS uncommon that you lack options to adjust it. Luckily this isn’t a problem with every table saw coming out the Rockwell factory, but I’ve read an alarming amount of customer reviews who mentioned this issue so if you’re buying the RK7241S, make sure that you check the alignment and contact customer support in case there is a problem.

No headaches with Operation and Portability

wheeling the RK7241S

Easy transport using body mounted wheels

For such a powerful and feature-packed table saw this one is extremely easy to operate. Now, whereas most table saws have transport wheels located on the legs of the stand, this one actually has integrated wheels located on the left side of the unit. The extended leg then doubles as handle which allows you to push or pull the saw around with ease.

Another thing you won’t find in many other online reviews is most table saws don’t come pre-assembled when they arrive to your door. However, this one comes complete so you can use it right away. The unit is not feather-light, but at 88lbs with the stand it is far from being heavy.

Yet another feature that impressed me is the dust collection bag located underneath the table. It won’t keep your work surface 100% clean at all times, but it’s better than putting a box under the table.

Strong As An Ox

The build quality of this table saw is excellent, which is something many people who have bought one rave about. There were no faults to report, so aside from the alignment issues mention above, the manufacturer has definitely made a quality product which is sturdy enough for continuous heavy-duty use.


This table saw has a bunch of features that set it apart from other similarly priced units. It comes pre-assembled with the stand already put together. It also comes with a dust collection bag which is a nice touch however, the center piece of this table saw is laser technology that makes sure the accuracy of each cut is absolutely flawless.

With the largest depth of cut, powerful motor and 30″ rip capacity this is an absolute beast of a table saw. So you get power, portability, and precision all in a single unit that is well-made and cleverly designed. I’m a little worried about the alignment of the blade, but personally I’ve never had a problem with this company and they often have some fabulous deals on price.