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The Sharp Cut | SawStop PCS31230-TGP236
SawStop PCS31230 Cabinet Saw Review, with 36" T-Glide Fence
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SawStop PCS31230 Cabinet Saw Review, with 36" T-Glide Fence

An Absolute Demonstration of Superiority in Every Way!
SawStop PCS31230-TGP236

These days there is no doubt about it, we live in a DIY era. With plenty of information available online for just about any kind of craft, and the plummeting prices of power tools you can now become quite the handyman (or woman) yourself which will save you a lot of money in the long run.

The only money you will have to spend is when you buy the actual power tool (in this case a table saw), and the time it takes you to learn and perfect a certain skill. But, there is a reason why most people haven’t warmed to the idea of operating table saws, and that’s because they can be dangerous.

According to research a table saw injury occurs every 9 minutes, some of those resulting in amputations. It even happens to the most experienced and safety-conscious professionals. I didn’t write all of this to scare you, but to inform you there is a table saw out there that has gone way beyond its competitors in order to provide an unparalleled level of safety. That table saw is the SawStop PCS31230-TGP236. It features SawStop’s patented safety system and hopefully you’ll be as impressed with it as I am!

Basic Features

Let’s take a look at some of the basic specs before I go into greater detail about the safety system. This is not your run of the mill table saw, but rather a massive behemoth of a cabinet that looks like it could saw the whole planet in half.

All the exaggeration aside, it is quite an impressive looking beast, and it’s no different once you take a peek under the hood. It runs a 3hp motor that operates at 220V which should provide enough power for precise cutting even on a professional scale. As far as the blades are concerned, it supports all standard 10-inch blades as well as 8-inch dado blade sets. The Saw’s strong point is the 36″ T-Glide fence system which allows for very precise measurements and cutting.

When I said it was huge, I wasn’t kidding because it weighs a monstrous 493lbs! Once you decide on where you want to locate it, there it will stay! It is also VERY bulky. Measuring at 69 x 33 x 34 inches, it is about as big as table saws get. This model also allows for quick and tool-free changes of riving knives, blade guards, and anti-kickback pawls.

Saw Stop Dust Collection

Advanced Dust Collection System


Dust Collection

To keep the table clean and the material sliding smoothly, there is an enhanced dust collection system.

This monster of a table saw has the ability to collect 99% of dust, both below and above the table. The dust collection blade does all the work above the table, while the specially designed shrouding directs the dust away from the blade and delivers it to the 4″ dust port.

Safety Features

Finally, we’ve arrived to the famed safety system. I’m not talking about the riving knife or the blade guard. Blade guards are useful but they also get in the way, so sometimes you may not have any choice but to expose the blade, and this means you’re more at risk of injury.

This table saw features an electronic detection system that is able to pick up on the contact between the blade and a human being. Once contact is detected, the system sends an electrical signal to the blade. The signal is then monitored for changes.

All this is based around a simple idea. Basically the electrical capacitance and conductivity of human skin and wood differ a lot. Because of this the system can tell the difference between a human being and a piece of wood. In cases where the blades come into contact with human skin, the signal will change.

Saw Stop Brake System

Brake Pawl Blocks Teeth to Stop the Spinning

This activates the fast-acting brake that stops the blade within milliseconds, or to be more precise 1/200th of a second. What happens in this “mega” short space of time is the aluminum brake pawl blocks the teeth of the blade, and therefore the blade from spinning.

I know the above is pretty technical, but all you need to know is the SawStop provides a new level of work safety. Other safety features include the main power switch which comes with a lockout key. This is very in handy if you have kids running around, and you don’t want them to activate the table saw by mistake. Also, the large start/stop switch can be activated with your knee in case your hands are full.


I don’t have much to say about this model other than to absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a professional cabinet saw that is not only massively powerful, but also has the best safety feature I have come across on any professional table saw.

Thanks to SawStop’s patented safety system the chance of a messy accident happening due to someone coming into direct contact with the blade is minimized. The powerful engine and the 36″ T-Glide fence system allow for cutting full-sized sheet of materials which is something that is definitely a huge plus. In my opinion the build quality and design are nothing short of superb. If you are serious about buying this table saw, I suggest you look for it on Amazon.